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Thank you for your interest in Volunteering or Internship at Saarthi Trust! There are volunteering and Internship options in each and every project of Saarthi Trust. Volunteering or Internship at Saarthi Trust gives you the wonderful opportunity to do important work for vulnerable, exploited victims. By this, you will support in changing the scenario and the lives of exploited victims by fighting their Battle or in their overall Rehabilitation. Our projects deal with victims of child marriages in which we are making them to come out from the handcuffs of child marriage and rehabilitating them. Also we are working and empowering with the slum children, girls and vulnerable women.

Volunteering or Internship at Saarthi Trust

We prefer Volunteers/Interns who are able to stay for a minimum of three months and maximum for 1 year (but it's not mandatory) and would like to contribute towards the rehabilitation of victims. Anyone can volunteer us above the age of 18 and make a difference to the community of Rajasthan. We do not discriminate in any gender, caste or community. The only requirements are a satisfactory level of English or Hindi, eagerness to work, an understanding and alignment with our objectives, and a level of flexibility, essential for the changeable nature of work in India. If you have experience and/or skills in counseling, education, Law, sewing, tailoring this would be advantageous.

You have to bear all your expenses for accommodation and food although we can assist you in all the arrangements. For more information on what you will be doing as a volunteer or Intern while at Saarthi Trust please contact our Managing Trustee.

Working hours are 10.00am until 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

Saarthi Trust is a non-profit organization that continues to changing the lives of victims from exploitation. We would like to encourage volunteers where possible to engage in fundraising before, during and after their Volunteering/ Internship and also become our international ambassadors, as it is through you that we can spread the word, about the work that we do, find potential supporters for our children and women.

How can you become a Volunteer/Intern at Saarthi Trust

If you are interested in volunteering or Internship at Non-Profit Organization/Ngo Saarthi Trust at Rajasthan and have read and agreed to all of the above requirements of a volunteer at Saarthi Trust, please fill out the below form for Volunteer/ Intern and email your resume and request letter to with information detailing why you want to Volunteer/ Intern for Saarthi Trust, your interests and skills. After receiving your email we will contact you with further details and contracts. An introductory phone call with us needs to be done.

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Child Marriage Annulment
Child Marriage Annulment means the legally cancellation of Child Marriage which is solemnized by the community years ago. This is a curative approach in which we are taking out the children from the handcuffs of child marriage.
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