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Saarthi Trust works under constraints of human and financial resources. If you would like to support the work of Saarthi, We appreciate your support and generosity. And a little bit goes a long way towards saving the children, girls and women and creating an exploitation free society for them.

You can support us by following ways- 
  1. Donation- Every small or big financial Donation is important for the vulnerable children, girls and women and it will be recognized.Saarthi Trust is registered under the Public Trusts Act at Devsthan Department and under 80G of the Income Tax Act. So Every Indian Donation will get rebate from Income Tax. After receiving donation we will send you the receipt at your address.You can donate us by below links.-

2. You can sponsor any of our Child Bride -

(a) For her battle and Legal process for Child Marriage Annulment.

(b) For her Primary Education and Higher Studies.

(c) For her overall Rehabilitation.

3. You can sponsor any of our Child - 

(a) For his/her Primary Education and Higher Studies.

(b) For his/her overall Rehabilitation.

4. Gift anything ( needful things) which can be useful for our mission.

5. Support by spreading our word through social media and by various other ways.

6. Support by volunteering us in our work. 

7. Support us by partnering us in our projects

Please email us at for Point No. 2 to 7 for further process.

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Child Marriage Annulment
Child Marriage Annulment means the legally cancellation of Child Marriage which is solemnized by the community years ago. This is a curative approach in which we are taking out the children from the handcuffs of child marriage.
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