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Khwahish - Tamannao Ka Safar
(Aspiration - A journey of desires)

Campaign "Khwahish - Tamannao ka Safar" (Aspiration- A journey of desires...) started on the occasion of the foundation day of Saarthi Trust.... This campaign will fulfil the desires of the vulnerable children. They can desire anything and we will make that impossible thing possible.We are trying to bring the sky into the small hands.... This time we were in the slums of Banar where we (@Saarthi Trust and Kriti Bharti) have started this campaign with some kids....

Child Marriage Annulment
Child Marriage Annulment means the legally cancellation of Child Marriage which is solemnized by the community years ago. This is a curative approach in which we are taking out the children from the handcuffs of child marriage.
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