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welcome to saarthi trust

Saarthi Trust is a Non-Profit Organization. Saarthi was founded by the Founder and Managing Trustee (Rehabilitation Psychologist) Ms. Kriti Bharti in 2011. Saarthi Trust is registered under Devsthan Vibhag of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Saarthi Trust was established with the dream of rehabilitation of vulnerable to the extent. Saarthi Trust is working on the establishment of Child Rights, Women Rights, Child Marriage Annulment, Child Protection and Women Protection with their Development and Rehabilitation issues.

Ms. Kriti Bharti
Managing Trustee
Our Mission

The Mission of Saarthi Trust is to change the scenario of malpractices and establish a society free from all violence, abuse and exploitation against children and women. And spreading smiles to victims and moving them on to the path of rehabilitation.

Our vision

Saarthi Trust has a foresight and innovative vision to strike out the malpractices. Along with the preventive approach we are focusing on curative approach for a wide change. This curative approach is Child Marriage Annulments, changing of mindsets and involving every sphere of the world like Dominating Male society, Community Leaders, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations as well as the children and women to our mission of establishing a society free from all violence, abuse and exploitation against children and women.

Child Marriage Annulment
Child Marriage Annulment means the legally cancellation of Child Marriage which is solemnized by the community years ago. This is a curative approach in which we are taking out the children from the handcuffs of child marriage.
Saarthi : At a Glance


Saarthi Trust works under constraints of human and financial resources. If you would like to support the work of Saarthi, We appreciate your support and generosity. And a little bit goes a long way towards saving the children, girls and women and creating an exploitation free society for them.

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